Welcome To Defence Laboratories School

To impact education that is humane, to train the intellect, refine the heart, discipline the spirit,nurture national pride and develop skills which prepare the student for global world of life long learning.

Our mission is to bring about intellectual, physical, social, moral emotional & spiritual development among children so as to mould them into future leaders & good human beings with compassion & courage to take up challenges in right spirit.


  • Please keep up the high standard in education of our children-wards are inadequate to express our appreciation to the Principal & staff of Defence Lab Schools, Hyderabad -AIR VICE MARSHAL R.KRISHNAN, Chairman, School Committee, DRDO, Director, DIWS, R.KRISHNAN

  • Excellent school with very good Laboratories, Zoo, Sports facilities & of course Educational standard - K.A. SIRASKAR, SC - E, Chairman, R&DE; (Engs) School, PUNE . (15.05.1993)K.A.SIRASKAR

  • I am highly impressed with the Biology Laboratory. In general the maintenance of the School is excellent - S.B.MANI- JD, DRDO HQrs. (29.07.1993)S.B.MANI

  • Well equipped with Lab and Library facilities. Well Managed School. Best wishes for further improvements. S.L. TRIPATHI , Under Secretary, Ministry of Defence, NEW DELHI . (29.07.1993)S.L. TRIPATHI

  • I had an opportunity to visit the school. I am happy to see the facilities & standard of teaching in the school. I wish the school all success. - Dr. Brahma Singh, Director, FAS, R & D Hqs, New Delhi. (08.02.1997)Dr. Brahma Singh

  • I am satisfied with the overall performance, Management of this Lab School. This is doing better than Project- KV with less expenditure. Wish success to this school. - S.L. TRIPATHI, Under Secretary, R&D, MOD. (08.02.1997)S.L.TRIPATHI

  • I am impressed to see maintenance, performance, Labs equipment of the DLS, School. This Should be kept up. - B.K. Sharma, Dy.Dir, MS, DRDO Hqs, New Delhi. (08.02.1997)B.K.SHARMA

  • Nice arrangements for Exams. Best Wishes. - A.K.DIXIT, Addl.Director, DOP, DRDO, DELHI. (26.05.2011)A.K.Dixit

  • A pleasant arrangement and well talented group of teachers and students. I am sure this school will perform well. I am happy to be the part of this Celebration. Good Luck - Dr.V.G.Sekaran, DIRECTOR, ASL, Hyd. (12.12.2011)Dr. V.G.Sekaran

  • I have visited the school and noticed that the classes were running nicely. I noticed the labs of the school and impressed with the demonstration of the basic principles of science by equipment. The teachers were taking interest in teaching .V.P.PANDE,DOMS,DRDO,NEW DELHI

  • Very delighted to participate in the programme. I am really impressed with this excellent potential of the students and also efforts of the teachers . Well done. Please keep it up . A.K.Chakrabarthi,Director, DRDL ( 11.12.2012)A.K.CHAKRABARTHI

  • Defence Lab School is Special and the teachers are very dedicated. Each & every exhibit shows the care taken by the students and the teachers. This excellent school has plenty of scope to have innovative developments and improvements. Dr.N.Eswara Prasad , Director, RCMA,HYD.

  • The school is doing exceedingly well. The overall performance is highly appreciable. This excellent contribution is possible only sheared dedication of the entire teaching & non-teaching staff of the school. I wish all the success of this school . DR.K.JAYARAMAN , D S & Director,DRDL.

  • Excellent programme.Best of luck to the staff and children.DR.A.P.J.ABDUL KALAM,Former President Of India